Cottage Walling

Cottage Walling

Cottage walling uses natural stone blocks to build garden walls that define outdoor spaces and add height where needed. These stones are strong and look great.


Tumbled stone walling not only keeps soil in place or gives you privacy, but also becomes a beautiful feature in your garden. Our tumbled stones come in various sizes, colors, and textures. This variety allows you to create anything from a smooth, elegant wall to a rustic, informal wall, enhancing the beauty and style of your property.


Step-by-step process of building a Cottage wall:-

First, get the ground ready where your wall will go by making the bottom flat. This is where your wall's base will sit. Then, fill the hole with tough material called compacted hardcore to make a strong foundation. Pour concrete on top until the hole is completely filled, making sure it's solid.


Once the base is done, use a tight string to make sure your wall is straight as you start building. Spread a sticky mixture called mortar on the ground and on each block as you stack them. Leave some mortar between the blocks for stability, but not too much.


As you go up, stack the blocks one layer at a time, making sure they're straight and even using a level. Clean up any extra mortar that comes out between the blocks to keep things tidy. Overlapping the blocks a bit makes the wall stronger.


When your wall is as tall as you want, put matching blocks on top to finish it off. Smooth out any rough spots with a special tool called a pointer trowel.


Remember, building with bricks takes time and care, so don't rush. And always wear gloves and a facemask to stay safe, especially when working with concrete and mortar.

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