Plank Paving

Plank paving consists of long, thin slabs, resembling wooden planks. They allow for intricate patterns and details in paving designs that wouldn't be achievable otherwise. With their unique shape, they offer a creative way to enhance outdoor spaces, adding charm and character to any landscape design.



Choosing the right paving for commercial projects can really boost the design and vibe of the space. Plank paving, with its long shape, is especially great for this.


Because of their elongated form, you can lay these slabs to create sleek horizontal lines. This tricks the eye into seeing more depth. That's why this style is a hit for smaller projects where you want to make narrow spaces look wider than they actually are.



First off, there's a bunch of color options to pick from. Think blacks, blues, creamy tones, and dark grays, so you can match your commercial vibe. Plus, you can also choose styles and thicknesses to fit your design.


Then, there are various finishes to consider. For Yorkstone paving, you can go for Diamond Sawn or Capital finishes, and for Modal paving, you can pick between textured or smooth finishes.



Besides picking based on color, style, and thickness, you can also choose by material. Each material we use for our plank paving has its own perks. You've got solid concrete, modern ceramic, Indian sandstone, and Yorkstone. They're all top-notch quality and have sturdy surfaces, but each brings its own unique features.


In our linear range, we offer four Indian sandstone products;


 Lake Forest Beige Porcelain

Lake Strom Wood Porcelain

Lake Forest Brown Porcelain

Lake Toratora Porcelain



Plank paving is super versatile. Its slim design lets it blend seamlessly with other paving styles, creating a stunning visual impact, whether you want a cohesive look or a striking contrast. Plus, you can play with single or multicolored layouts, giving you plenty of room to get creative.

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