Wall Capping

Wall Capping

Wall capping is like adding the perfect ending to your wall, stairs, columns, or fences. It's that final touch that makes everything look complete and polished. Without it, it's like having a story with no conclusion or a car without a windshield—it works, but it's not quite right.


Not only does stone capping give your structures a finished look, but it also serves various practical purposes. You can use it to create a stylish hearth for your fireplace or to give your stone steps a classic natural appearance.


Using natural stone capping brings harmony to your landscape design by bridging the gap between the vertical and horizontal elements of your property's exterior. It not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides protection for your walls, fences, and columns.


There's a wide range of styles, edges, and finishes available for wall capping stones. You can choose from different edge styles like rock, split-faced, bull-nosed, or squared, and various finishes such as smooth-faced, sandblasted, natural, or acid washed.

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