Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is a fun way to arrange stones, bricks, or concrete in a mix-and-match style, making outdoor areas like patios and garden paths look cool and creative.


In modern landscaping, crazy paving is used as a special feature in big outdoor spaces. Instead of covering everything with it, designers use it in certain spots to make them stand out. For instance, they might make a round crazy paving patio surrounded by neat bricks, making it a real attention-grabber. Mixing crazy paving with other materials like concrete or wood makes the whole space look trendy and classy, with a touch of old-school charm. It's a neat trick to make the whole design look both fancy and fun.


Methods to join Crazy Paving:-

The easiest is using wet grout or slurry. But for rough stones or certain slates, this might not work well. In those cases, you might need to do hand-pointing, which takes more time.


For cement mortars, adding a strengthening additive like SBR helps the mortar stick better to the paving. It's important to fill the joints tightly without leaving any gaps. Using a darker mortar makes the paving look better than plain mortar.


After joining, make sure the top of the joint is smooth with the pavement surface. Some people like a 'struck' joint, where the outline of the paving piece is marked with a trowel. But this can gather debris and weeds over time.


Pros and Cons Of Crazy Paving:-


  • Uniqueness: Each project is special, giving your outdoor space a custom look.
  • Natural Look: Fits well into gardens and landscapes, blending in with nature's randomness.
  • Style: Works in various spaces and styles, matching different architectural designs.
  • Good Drainage: Water flows away easily through the gaps between stones.
  • Easy Fixes: Broken stones can be replaced without disrupting the whole layout, making maintenance simple.
  • Cost Savings: You can use old paving or broken pieces, saving money on materials.



  • Tricky Installation: It takes time and precision to fit irregular pieces together.
  • Uneven Surface: Some people may not like walking on an uneven surface, especially those with mobility issues.
  • Weed Growth: Weeds can grow in the gaps between stones, needing regular upkeep.



Laying crazy paving can be tricky due to its casual, random appearance:

  • Start by laying a bed of sand for the stones to sit on.
  • Use stones of different sizes to fill gaps and create a natural look.
  • Fit the stones together like a jigsaw puzzle, keeping the layout cohesive.
  • Maintain consistent gaps between stones for a neat finish.
  • Begin with larger stones and fill in gaps with smaller ones for better coverage.


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