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PAVE WORLD is renowned for its rare and Luxurious collection of Natural Stones which can enhance the value of your property significantly and help to transform it into an aesthetically pleasing and unique living space. PAVING SLABS, PATIO PAVING, GARDEN PAVING, NATURAL SANDSTONE PAVING, INDIAN SANDSTONE PAVING, FLOOR TILES, STONE TILES, PATIO SLABS, DRIVEWAY COBBLES, BLOCK PAVING, COPING, ASTRO TURF AND LOT MORE

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lake grey porcelain

Vitrified Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving look very attractive in any setting, and they’ll stay beautiful for long with practically zero maintenance. It has a slip-resistant texture and is a luxurious choice for any garden. 

Carmarel Buff

Smooth Sandstone Paving

A favorite with designers and architect for its clear cut and contemporary look, Caramel Buff Smooth Sandstone is sawn six sides and has a beautiful natural vein effect.

Silver Grey Granite

Textured Granite Paving

Silver Grey Granite is one of our best-selling Granite paving slabs. Its plain consistent color is easy on the eyes, making this an ideal Paving Stone to use in any home or commercial landscape.

Light grey

Natural Sandstone Paving

First choice for its durability, hardness, texture & consistent Grey color tone. This paving stone is adaptable and can be matched to most exterior settings and adds an individual look to your patio.

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Welcome to the leading natural stone supplier “Paveworld UK”, where beauty meets functionality, and your outdoor oasis awaits! We offer a wide range of premium natural paving stones and Natural paving slabs that will transform your patio into a stunning masterpiece.

Unleash Your Imagination with Our Diverse Collection of Natural Stone Paving Slabs

Discover a world of possibilities as you browse through our extensive selection of natural paving sandstone and slabs. Our range includes:

Experience Timeless Beauty with Natural Stone Paving:-

Welcome to our Natural stone slabs collection, where the essence of nature meets the artistry of design. Are you dreaming of a patio that exudes elegance, durability, and a touch of rustic charm? Discover the unparalleled charm of Natural sandstone paving.

  1. Indian Stone Paving: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Indian Stone Paving. Its unique, irregular shapes and earthy hues create a captivating patio surface that seamlessly blends with any landscape. Let your home allure with natural stone pavers reflect nature.
  2. Sandstone Paving: Indulge in the sophistication of smooth sandstone paving. With its timeless appeal and classic patterns, it adds an air of refinement to your patio with natural paving slabs. Its natural color variations and textured surface create an inviting space that beckons relaxation.
  3. Paving Circle: Embrace the soft, muted tones of paving circles. Its smooth texture and subtle patterns create a serene ambiance on your patio with Indian sandstone paving. Let the tranquil essence of circle paving transport you to a world of tranquility.
  4. Granite Paving Stone: Quarried from regions like Scotland and Cornwall, granite paving is a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. Its durability, resistance to extreme weather conditions, and distinctive grain patterns make it ideal for countertops, flooring, cladding, and architectural features.
  5. Natural Limestone Paving: Limestone, found abundantly in the Cotswolds and Yorkshire, offers a softer and more delicate aesthetic. Its warm tones, characteristic fossils, and ability to age beautifully make it a preferred option for flooring, wall cladding, and fireplace surrounds.
  6. Natural Sandstone Paving: Renowned for its versatility and natural charm, sandstone is available in a wide range of colors, including warm browns, subtle pinks, and cool grays. It is commonly used in the construction of buildings, garden walls, Indian Sandstone Paving, and landscaping projects.
  7. Slate wall cladding: With its distinct layered structure and rich color variations, slate is often utilized for roofing, flooring, and wall cladding. Welsh slate, in particular, has earned a reputation for its exceptional quality and durability.

Natural stone in the UK embodies a sense of heritage, elegance, and resilience. Its remarkable diversity, durability, and ability to transform spaces have made it a coveted choice for architects, designers, and homeowners throughout the country. From architectural landmarks to stylish interior spaces and captivating landscapes, the enduring appeal of natural stone continues to shape the aesthetic fabric of the United Kingdom, reminding us of the remarkable beauty that lies within the earth’s embrace.

Elevate Your Patio with Exquisite Porcelain Paving:

Welcome to our Porcelain Paving collection, where sophistication meets practicality, and your patio dreams come to life. We offer a stunning range of porcelain paving slabs options that will transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven.

  1. Vitrified Porcelain Paving: Vitrified porcelain paving, also known as vitrified porcelain tiles or vitrified paving, is a type of porcelain paving that undergoes a specialized manufacturing process called vitrification. This process involves the fusion of raw materials, such as clay, silica, and other minerals, at extremely high temperatures.
  2. Porcelain Paving Slabs: Porcelain paving slabs are large, flat tiles made from porcelain that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Porcelain paving stones offer a durable and low-maintenance solution for patios, walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas.
Transform Your Driveway with Stunning Drive Sets:

Welcome to our Drive Sets collection, where style meets durability, and your driveway becomes a statement of elegance. Drive setts, also known as block pavers or driveway setts, are specially designed paving blocks that are commonly used for creating driveways, pathways, or other areas with vehicular traffic.

We offer a wide range of driveway setts:
  1. Cobble Setts: Our Cobble Setts collection, where old-world charm meets modern durability, creates a driveway that exudes character and elegance. These authentic paving stones will bring character and timeless beauty to your outdoor space, creating a driveway that stands out from the rest.
  2. Block Paving: Block paving, also known as brick paving, is a popular method of creating a durable and visually appealing paved surface. It involves using individual blocks or bricks made from materials such as concrete, clay,
Steps & Coping:

Steps and coping are essential elements of a well-designed patio or outdoor space with sandstone paving.

Here’s a brief explanation of each:
  1. Steps: Steps are raised surfaces that provide a transition between different levels of a patio or outdoor area. These stepping stones are used to connect different areas of the landscape, such as a lower patio area to an elevated deck or a patio to a garden.
  2. Coping: Coping refers to the edging or cap that is placed on the top edge of walls, steps, or raised surfaces to provide a finished appearance and protection. Coping can be used on the edges of steps, retaining walls, garden stepping stones, planters, or pool surrounds.
Revitalize Your Patio Today!

Don’t wait any longer to revitalize your patio and elevate your outdoor living experience. Our Patio Paving offers a stunning collection of natural stone patios. Let your creativity flourish as you transform your patio into a captivating haven that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Contact us now to get started on your patio with natural stone paving slabs transformation journey. Together, we’ll create a remarkable outdoor space that will be a source of joy for years to come.


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