HERITAGE (Tumbled)

Tumbled paving is made from Indian sandstone & Limestone that's been softly tumbled in a rotating drum with granite & marble pebbles and water. This process smoothens out any sharp edges and rough surfaces, giving the stone a more interesting and textured appearance.



These tumbled paving stones have a few key features:

  • Classic Look: Tumbled paving has a timeless appeal with a weathered surface that fits well with older buildings.
  • Textured Feel: The tumbling process gives the stone a pleasant, aged texture, making it visually appealing and providing good traction for walking paths and outdoor areas.
  • Natural Colors: Tumbled paving comes in various earthy tones, like warm sandstone or cool limestone, which match nicely with the colors of traditional homes.


Sandstone can be made to look different ways:

  • Riven: This has a natural, uneven surface with ridges and slabs that aren't perfectly flat.
  • Sawn and Honed: Sandstone is cut precisely on all sides, then semi-honed for a smooth look.
  • Sawn and Shot-blasted: Slabs are cut precisely with sharp edges, then blasted for a non-slip surface.

These finishes make sandstone look great in gardens.



Tumbled limestone and sandstone paving has a cool old look that's perfect for old-style houses. It's good for patios, paths, and driveways because it makes them look interesting.


The quality of tumbled paving is really good because it goes through an extra process to make the edges look old-fashioned. It costs a bit more, but it's cheaper than York stone.


Another benefit is that tumbled paving doesn't chip or flake off easily on the surface. This problem often happens when you're laying paving, but tumbling the slabs usually stops it.



Tumbling stones to give them an aged look involves a few steps:

  • Choosing Stones: First, we select natural stones like sandstone or limestone, each with its own texture and color.
  • Cutting: We cut the stones into square & rectangular sizes to make paving slabs.
  • Tumbling Barrels: These are big cylindrical containers lined with rough materials like sand or pebbles.
  • Tumbling: Stones go into these barrels, which spin gently. This action rubs against the stones, wearing down their edges and surfaces.
  • Checking Progress: Skilled workers check the stones regularly to make sure they're getting the right amount of weathering.
  • Water and Extras: We add water to help the process and sometimes use extra stuff to speed up the aging effect.
  • Drying and Finishing: Once tumbling is done, we let the stones dry and might brush or sand them to get the perfect texture.



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