CHIVAS (Smooth)

Smooth stone paving is a hit in UK gardens for its fancy touch, modern style, and variety of designs. Whether you like intricate patterns or simple slabs, there's something for everyone, like natural limestone or porcelain tiles. Here's why it's great:


Quality Finish: Each stone is crafted to last.

Lots of Options: There's a wide range of colors and styles.

All-Weather Beauty: It looks good rain or shine, keeping your outdoor space nice.


You can go for the natural look of sandstone or the modern vibe of porcelain tiles. Lots of choices to make your garden or patio stand out!



Smooth sandstone paving is made in factories to have smooth edges, unlike natural stones. This process results in a higher quality and more consistent finish compared to naturally occurring stones. The smooth finish looks stylish and visually satisfying on patio surfaces.



Our outdoor paving materials are made for outdoor use in the British climate, which means they can handle a lot of rain and are safe for patios. Our smooth sandstone paving has some natural slip resistance, but it's still a good idea to be careful, especially when it's wet. If you want to eliminate the risk of slipping entirely, you might consider outdoor porcelain tiles. They're made to be anti-slip and have a rating system to ensure safety.


Variety of Colours & Styles

If you want a beautiful garden finish, smooth sandstone paving might be perfect. It automatically makes any space look smarter, with lots of color options. For a sleek and simple look, smooth sandstone is great. It has natural colors but still looks clean.


If you prefer something even more modern, you can try outdoor porcelain paving. These tiles are manufactured and come in many finishes.


For a peaceful outdoor area, smooth paving is a good choice. It's durable and just needs a clean now and then to withstand the weather.


Absorbency & aging

When you smooth out sandstone, it becomes softer and more absorbent because its pores open up. This means it can easily soak up things like water and dirt. If you leave it outside, it can age faster, and green spots might start appearing. While these spots are easy to clean at first, if you ignore them, they can become stubborn stains because the stone absorbs them. So, keeping smooth sandstone clean and protected from the elements is important to maintain its good condition.


Choosing Perfect Smooth Garden Paving

Choosing the perfect smooth paving for your garden might seem overwhelming because there are so many options in terms of types, colors, textures, and finishes. However, it doesn't have to be difficult.


The easiest way to start is by deciding on the color you want. Pick a color that goes well with the overall look of your garden and matches its theme or style, if you have one.


If you prefer a neutral patio, you can look at our range of light and dark grey paving. These options give a sleek and modern appearance to your outdoor space.

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