Stepping Stone

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones make a natural path in your garden. They’re a simpler and less noticeable option than fully paved walkways and can make your garden look bigger. You can use almost any stone and create any design you like. They are also cheaper than full paths and very easy to lay down, making them a simple DIY project. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll have a lovely set of stepping stones that took very little time and effort to make.


Steps to Building a Stepping Stone Pathway

  • Plan and Mark: Walk where you want your path, note where your feet naturally step, and mark those spots. Use a tool to outline each stone's position and remove the grass inside those outlines.
  • Dig Holes: Make holes slightly deeper than each stone at the marked spots.
  • Mix Mortar: Combine sand, cement, and water to make sticky mortar.
  • Set Stones: Spread mortar in each hole and place stones in them, making sure they fit well with the mortar.
  • Adjust Height: Check if stones are just below grass level using a string. Tap them down with a mallet if needed.
  • Fill Gaps: Fill gaps around stones with loose soil.
  • Let Dry: Allow mortar to dry for 24 hours.
  • Clean Up: Clean the area around the pathway.


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