A pebble is a small, smooth, round stone, usually found near lakes, rivers, or beaches. They can also be made in factories by breaking and polishing rocks, and their color and texture can be changed with chemicals. Pebbles are great for making pathways, designing landscapes, or adding visual appeal to your garden. Using certain types of pebbles can make your garden or backyard look more stylish and luxurious.


Versatile options for landscaping:

They can enhance drainage ditches, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal. With various colors, they delineate landscape sections beautifully. As mulch, they retain moisture and nutrients, especially beneficial for delicate plants. In water-wise xeriscaping, pebbles complement drought-resistant plants, requiring minimal upkeep. For artistic flair, they're perfect for designing colorful mosaics, adding unique touches to gardens. And as paving material, pebbles define paths or driveways, alone or set in mortar, providing both practicality and distinction.


Benefits :-

Pebbles help garden beds in many ways. They protect the soil, help plants live longer and prevent damage, and stop soil erosion caused by rain. Additionally, many types of pebbles provide a surface that is safe to walk on.


Tips for Maintaining Pebbles:-

To keep your pebbles clean, use cleaning solutions that are pH-neutral. Avoid using acidic cleaners because they can harm the natural color and shine of the stones.

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