Misty Silver Dune Sandstone Paving

Misty silver dune sandstone paving is a beautiful and versatile natural sandstone that is widely used for creating stunning outdoor spaces. The stone is quarried in India and is known for its warm and soft silver-grey color with a subtle blue hue, giving it a unique and timeless appearance. It is a sandstone paving type of rock that has been formed over millions of years from the accumulation of sand and other minerals, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The Misty Silver Dune Sandstone Paving has been treated with shot blasting to create a textured surface that is slip-resistant and safe for children and the elderly. This process also adds to the stone’s overall appeal, giving it a timeless and elegant look that is both rustic and exotic. As a result, the misty silver dune natural sandstone paving is a popular choice for outdoor areas such as patios, pathways, and pool decks where safety and aesthetics are important considerations.


Misty Silver Dune Sandstone Paving Slabs

One of the main advantages of Misty Silver Dune Sandstone Paving is its versatility. It can be used for a variety of outdoor projects, from creating paths and patios to building walls and retaining structures. The natural beauty of the stone makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects, as it can easily complement any landscape or architecture. Its unique color and texture also make it an attractive option for those looking to create a sophisticated and stylish outdoor space.

In summary, Misty Silver Dune Sandstone Paving is a stunning and functional natural sandstone product that is ideal for designing gorgeous outdoor spaces. It’s a great option for residential and commercial projects thanks to its distinctive colour, texture, and durability, and busy homeowners will appreciate how simple it is to maintain.

Misty silver dune sandstone paving slabs is a fantastic option that will undoubtedly bring you years of pleasure and satisfaction, whether you’re looking to build a new patio, erect a pathway, or simply improve the appearance of your outdoor space.


Extremely hard-wearing and low maintenance, Misty silver dune sandstone paving  has warm colouring that complements traditional and contemporary settings. Light sandblasting gives it a uniform, slip-resistant texture, excellent in high-traffic areas such as steps and for swimming pool surrounds. This colour tends to be the most uniform of the natural sandstone range with tonal variation of greys making the majority of the stone.

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Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 75 cm


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