Mint Fossil 22mm Calibrated Sandstone Paving

Mint fossil sandstone paving carries a lovely range of beige and pastel tones which blend into a warm mosaic, occasionally marbled with darker veins. The natural riven surface and handcut edges add to the classic feel that suits traditional and contemporary designs. The creamy green color with the golden tune of these slabs, with occasional fossil like marks render subtle touch to your space. Fossil mint indian sandstone is available in project packs, contemporary single sizes, mixed packs and also circular kits, walling and wall copings, added attraction to these range of Natural Sandstone with its pleasant natural look.

Mint fossil natural indian sandstone paving has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique appearance and durability. It is a sedimentary rock that is formed from the accumulation of sand, minerals, and organic materials over millions of years. The fossils found in the stone are what give it its distinctive look and name.

One of the most significant advantages of using fossil mint indian sandstone paving is its strength and durability. It is a natural material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, foot traffic without becoming damaged. This makes mint fossil sandstone paving an ideal choice for patio,  pathways. The stone’s natural resistance to wear and tear also makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use, as it can withstand the elements without cracking or chipping.


Mint Fossil Sandstone Paving

The benefit of using mint fossil sandstone paving is its aesthetic appeal. The stone’s natural variation in color and texture makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of applications. The fossils found in the stone give it a unique look that cannot be replicated by any artificial material.

The colors range from light beige to deep beige, and the fossils themselves can vary in size and shape. This makes each piece of fossil mint indian sandstone paving unique and gives it a natural, organic feel that is impossible to achieve with other materials.

Conclusion :

Mint fossil sandstone paving is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, attractive, and low-maintenance material for their outdoor space. Its natural strength and durability make it an ideal choice for patios and outdoor settings, while its unique appearance and range of colors make it a beautiful addition to any property. Whether you are a homeowner looking to create an outdoor living space or a property manager in search of a material that can withstand heavy use, fossil mint sandstone is an excellent choice.

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