Mint Fossil Sandstone Cobbles Setts

Mint fossil natural sandstone cobbles setts are used for outdoor hardscaping projects such as driveways, patios, and walkways. The material is quarried from the earth and is composed of sandstone that has been naturally compressed and cemented over millions of years. The result is a durable and attractive cobblestones that is well suited for use in a wide range of landscaping applications.

One of the key features of Mint Fossil Natural Sandstone Cobbles is their natural color variation. The cobble stone come in shades of mint green, beige often have fossil imprints that give them a unique and interesting appearance. This variation in color and pattern makes Mint Fossil Sandstone Cobbles and Setts a popular choice for homeowners and landscape designers who want to create a natural, rustic look for their outdoor spaces.


Mint fossil natural sandstone cobbles : 

There are many advantages of mint fossil natural sandstone cobbles is their durability. The cobblestones is extremely hard and is resistant to weathering, erosion, and staining. This makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas and areas that are exposed to the elements. The material can withstand heavy loads and is perfect for use on driveways and patios. The installation process of mint fossil natural sandstone cobbles is simple and straightforward.

In conclusion, mint fossil Natural sandstone cobbles is a versatile and durable natural stone material that is perfect for a wide range of outdoor hardscaping projects. Its natural color variation and fossil imprints give it an unique and interesting appearance that can complement any landscaping design. Its durability and resistance to weathering make it a long-lasting and low-maintenance option for any property.

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Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 75 cm


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