Ways to cut paving slabs using tools and equipment

The requirement to adjust slab sizes is constant. Whether you’re revamping your driveway or landscaping your backyard, cutting slabs to fit specific spaces is likely necessary. There are numerous methods to tailor slabs to fit precisely. Here, we’ll explore how you can customize slab sizes.

cut paving slabs


There are several methods for cutting paving slabs using various tools and equipment. Here are some common ways:

Angle Grinder:

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond-tipped cutting disc is commonly used to make straight cuts on paving slabs. The grinder allows for precise and efficient cutting, especially for thicker slabs.

Wet Saw:

A wet saw is a power tool that uses a diamond-coated blade and water to cool the blade and reduce dust while cutting. It is suitable for making straight or curved cuts on both thick and thin paving slabs.

Block Splitter:

A block splitter is a manual tool that applies pressure to break paving slabs along a scored line. It is ideal for making straight cuts on thinner slabs and is relatively easy to use.

Cold Chisel and Hammer:

For small or irregular cuts, a cold chisel and hammer can be used to score and break paving slabs along the desired cutting line. This method is more labor-intensive but suitable for occasional or DIY projects.

Paving Slab Cutter:

A paving slab cutter is a special tool made for cutting straight lines on paving slabs. It works like a guillotine, where a lever pushes down to break the slab along a marked line.

These methods offer different levels of precision, speed, and ease of use, allowing for flexibility depending on the project requirements and available tools. It’s essential to choose the most suitable method based on the type of cut needed and the tools and equipment available. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear when cutting paving slabs.

Safety guidelines:

To cut paving slabs safely, you’ll need the right tools like an angle grinder or wet saw, safety gear including goggles and gloves, marking tools such as a pencil or chalk, a stable surface to work on, water if using a wet saw, assistance for heavy slabs if needed, and cleanup tools like a broom. Prioritize safety by wearing protective gear, working on a stable surface, and using the appropriate tools for the job. Always follow safety guidelines and manufacturer instructions when cutting paving slabs to prevent accidents and injuries.

How to cut curves accurately:

To cut curved paving slabs, start by marking the curve on the slab. Use a wet saw or angle grinder with a diamond-coated blade. Wear safety goggles and gloves. Carefully cut along the line, adjusting as necessary. Take your time for precise cuts. Check the curve afterward. Dispose of any waste and tidy up. With patience and the correct tools, you’ll achieve beautifully trimmed curved paving slabs.


Your choice of cutting method depends on access to tools, budget, and desired outcome. A circular saw gives precise cuts, while a chisel and mallet or block splitter provide a rustic look. If DIY isn’t feasible, consider hiring professionals for the job.

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