Sandstone Vs Limestone Paving

Sandstone and limestone

They indeed popular choices for garden paving due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and suitability for outdoor use. Let’s delve into each material: Aesthetic Appeal: Sandstone comes in different natural colours like beige, buff, brown, pink, grey,black and even red. These colours make outdoor areas feel cosy and interesting, matching well with
different garden styles.

Sandstone Vs Limestone Paving


Sandstone is tough and can withstand outdoor conditions like rain, sun without easily getting damaged. It’s resistant to weathering, fading, and staining, making it suitable for high-traffic areas such as garden paths and patios.


Sandstone&’s rough texture ensures secure footing outside, reducing the risk of slipping and improving safety in garden and patio areas.


There’s a wide range of sandstone varieties available, each with its unique colours, patterns, and textures, allowing homeowners to find one that suits their aesthetic preferences.
Sandstone comes in a variety of colours and sizes to suit any design. Select from an extensive range of sizes, ranging from big format 600×900 slabs to mixed-size patio kits.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Limestone is prized for its natural beauty and elegance. It often features subtle earthy tones, including shades of grey, cream, black lending a sophisticated look to outdoor spaces.


While limestone is generally durable, it may be more susceptible to weathering and erosion compared to sandstone. However, with proper sealing and maintenance, limestone paving can last for many years in outdoor settings.


Limestone paving can vary in texture, ranging from smooth to slightly rough surfaces. The texture depends on the specific type of limestone and the finishing process applied during


Limestone is versatile and can complement a variety of garden styles, from traditional to contemporary. Its neutral colours provide a versatile backdrop for landscaping elements such as plants, furniture, and decorative features. Our Kotah Black Limestone is offered in 600×900 slabs and mixed-size Patio Kits. Besides being popular for patios and pathways, limestone is also commonly used indoors, especially in kitchens!

Both our Sandstone and Limestone paving options are calibrated, ensuring consistent slab thickness. This simplifies the laying process by eliminating variations, with Riven Sandstone and Limestone Paving calibrated to 22mm and Sawn Sandstone to 20mm, with a tolerance of +/- 5mm.

When choosing between sandstone and limestone for garden paving, homeowners should consider factors such as personal preference, budget, maintenance requirements, and the overall design of the outdoor space. Both materials offer beauty, durability, and versatility, making them popular choices for enhancing garden and patio areas.

Below are some of our favourite customer images, providing inspiration on how Indian Sandstone could enhance your patio design!

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