290×290 Single Size Pack 14.04m2 Black Pearl 30mm

Black Pearl Flamed & Brushed transforms the standard appearance of granite. The softer look and feel of this paving means it’s perfect for creating a timeless elegance in your home. The Black Pearl Flamed & Brushed finish also boasts natural anti-slip properties. Black Pearl Granite Paving delivers a refined look with the flamed finish presenting a subtly rippled surface. With its beautiful blend of Dark colors and non-slip flamed surface, this granite is aesthetically pleasing yet feasible solution for your backyard or anywhere in the garden whether you use it for a driveway or the footpath, It does not show any dirt marks due to its dark color. It also works well in high traffic areas like paths and driveways. As with all granite pavers, it is easy to maintain and creates a stunning, highly contemporary looking patio.



290 x 290 SINGLE SIZE PACK 14.04 M2
Sizes (mm) Number of Pieces
290 x 290 156 Nos
Thickness : 30 mm Calibrated
Colour : Black Pearl
Material : Granite
Surface : Flamed & Brushed
Edges : Sawn
Coverage : Each pack covers 14.04 m2, based on typical jointing gap of 10-15 mm

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 75 cm


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